O:ORIGINS :: The Vasari Corridor

The Vasari Corridor in Florence is a direct ancestor of Chicago's Pedway. Built in 1565, the corridor was the first elevated walkway of its kind. It functioned as an extension of the Palazzo Vecchio and winds for nearly a kilometer above houses, through a church, around a tower, and over a bridge. It allowed the Medicis to attend church, conduct business, and go for strolls all without leaving the comfort of their home. Unfortunately, unlike the Pedway, the Vasari Corridor is rarely opened to visitors.

Top left: A view inside the Vasari Corridor in Florence. Top right: The Vasari Corridor is visible on top of the Ponte Vecchio, the bridge crossing the River Arno in Florence.

At left: The Pedway's Point-of-Interest #4: The First Overpass. in Chicago.